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Carrier Application
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Motor Route Drivers Application

Routes Available: 


Route 1 — Bonner St, Lowell St, Oak St, W Main St (38 Daily Times, 35 TimeSaver)

Route 2 — Doris St, Elba St, Oak St, Louisa St (18 Daily Times, 31 TimeSaver)

Route 18 — Highland Ave, Hus Dr, Labaree St, N 4th St (41 Daily Times, 42 TimeSaver)

Route 44 — E Main, S 5th, S 8th (21 Daily Times, 67 TimeSaver)

Route 45 — S 4th St, S 8th St, Western Ave, Wisconsin St (22 Daily Times, 73 TimeSaver)

Route 47 — Clyman St, S 2nd St, S 8th St, Western Ave (15 Daily Times, 40 TimeSaver)

Route 48 — S 7th St, S 9th St, Station St, Western Ave (29 Daily Times, 35 TimeSaver)


All routes are filled at this time but feel free to apply as a substitute or for the next available opening.


Route 3027 — S. Main, S. Center Ave., E. Linden Dr., S. Kranz Ave. (19 Daily Times)

Route 3033 — W. Racine, N. Franklin, N. Jackson Ave., Masonic Blvd. (18 Daily Times)

Route 3037 — N. Center Ave., E. Greenwood, N. Sanborn Ave. (5 Daily Times)


Route 3112 — Jaystone Ter, Lum Ave, N Monroe St (32 Daily Times)

Route 3116 — Bishop Cir, E Madison St, Oak St (21 Daily Times)
Route 3118 — Harrison, Knowlton, Milwaukee Ave., Van Buren (11 Daily Times)
Route 3120 — Crestview Dr, Franklin St, Minnetonka Way (20 Daily Times)